Friday, October 9, 2009

Week 5 Picks

Vikings @ Rams +10 - 99% take vikes
Take the Vikes. There may be a monday night hangover, but the Rams are the worst team in the league. Chester Taylor could beat these guys himself.

Cowboys @ Chiefs +8 - 72% take KC
Take the Cowboys. They need this win, just like the Skins needed one last week. They'll bounce back. Romo eats up bad defenses as he's a boom or bust guy. I would take a upset against the cowboys, but the Chiefs are that bad, I can't conceive anyway they win. The chiefs need to beat the raiders this year to prevent going undefeated.

Skins @ Panthers - 3.5 - 92% take Panthers
Stay away from this game, but if you have to take someone take the Skins. Panthers coming off a bye, I want to take them, but not -3.5. If you can get the Panthers -3, take it. But the extra half point is going to kill you. The skins run defense has not been shutdown like it should so the Panthers should run the ball, but Delhomme will have trouble with the skins secondary. These teams are both a mess but the skins seem to be crawling out from the dark. They showed up for the second half last week and if they can just start a game strong, they'll beat the Panthers. The Skins corners have had trouble tackling so Steve Smith could get a lot of YAC yards but he won't get deep. The skins miss Greg Williams. The defense has never been the same since he left and Greg Blache might be the least creative mind this side of Jim Zorn. Look at what Greg Williams is doing with the Saints D! They have a personality.

Bucs @ Eagles -15 - 74% take Eagles
Take the Eagles. I want to take the Bucs because McNabb has played one half of football this year. BUT, they are coming off a bye, they've had a lot of time to rest and prepare. The defense should come out on fire and beat the bucs themselves. The Bucs are just too one-dimensional on offense and can't stop the run. I would be weary of this game though. 15 points is a lot for a team with a qb coming back from injury.

Bengals @ Ravens -8.5 - 58% take ravens
Take the Ravens. The Ravens faced their first test last week and put up a good fight. Were it not for a momentum killing opening fumble, I think the Ravens win. They shut down the Patriots run game and Flacco can throw on anyone. This kid doesn't even have a #1 receiving option and he's eating up secondaries. The Bengals have been good this year, but Carson Palmer has yet to get hot and I don't think its going to happen this week. The Bengals have gutted out a lot of close wins, but I think the Ravens D is too much.

Steelers @ Lions +10.5 - 79% take steelers
Stay away from this game. I take the steelers if I have to. But, they broke down again last week at the end of the game against SD. They still covered, but I just don't trust a team that doesn't close the game out. I would take the lions, but with Stafford iffy, you can't take them.

Raiders @ Giants -14.5 - 68% take Giants
Take the Raiders. Manning should play this week, but if they get a lead, he's coming out of the game. 14.5 is a lot of points for any team and knowing Manning is injured and unlikely to play a full game if the Giants get ahead, I don't think they'll cover. The raiders are horrible right now. All that talk about running the ball and having a stout secondary went out the window in week three. They are who you thought they were.....

Browns @ Bills -6 - 72% take Bills
Bills need a bounce back win, the Browns need A WIN. But after trading away their best offensive player, on the road in Buffalo, take the bills. 6 points is a lot for a crappy team like the bills, but they're at home and the Browns are EXTRA shittay.

Falcons @ 49ers -2.5 - 63% take SF
Take the Niners. The Falcons have a lot of shiny weapons on offense, but they ran into a wall against NE. I like that the Falcons are coming off a bye and will no doubt force feed ROddy White, but the Niners should stop the run like they have all season and I don't think Matt Ryan can carry this team against the SF secondary. All the talk this offseason about "Matty ice" being the next great young QB, look, Flacco and Sanchez are better.

Texans @ Cardinals -5.5 - 59% take Cards
Take the Cards. This will be the week they finally run the ball. The Texans can't stop the run and they can't run it either. Even against the raiders, Slaton got TDs, but not that many yards. It will be a shootout.

Pats @ Broncos +3 - 89% take Pats
Take the Broncos. McDaniel v. Belichick. The Broncos are hot right now and the Patriots just squeaked one out against a good Ravens team. Without Fred Taylor, I think they will have trouble running the ball. He was their most effective back and the Broncos Secondary is air tight. Marshall is back and when you can run the ball like the Broncos can, you can win any game.

Colts @ Titans +3.5 - 95% take Colts
Colts. Titans are bums. Can't stop the pass. Manning could throw for 500.

Jets @ Dolphins +2 - 94% take Jets
Jets. Braylon Edwards, Monday night, no hangover from NO. They will be focused and ready to eat some mahi.

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