Saturday, September 26, 2009

Parlay Picks Week 3

Titans(Tennessee) @ Jets(NewYork) - 3
59% of Vegas is taking tennessee.... I'm taking the Jets

Chiefs(KansasCity) @ Eagles(Philadelphia)
Chiefs +8.5
85% take Eagles, we take eagles

Browns(Cleveland) @ Ravens(Baltimore)
Browns +13.5
87% take Ravens, we take ravens

Giants(NewYork) @ Buccaneers(TampaBay)
Giants -6.5
95% take giants, take giants

Jaguars(Jacksonville) @ Texans(Houston)
Jags +3.5, 92% take Texans, take texans

49ers(SanFrancisco) @ Vikings(Minnesota)
49ers +6.5
52% take niners, but its a TOUGH CALL, stay away from this game betting if you can.

Falcons(Atlanta) @ Patriots(NewEngland)
falcons +4.5, 66% take Pats, take the Patriots, Brady will have a big game

Redskins(Washington) @ Lions(Detroit)
-6.5 skins, 77% of vegas takes the Lions. In an upset, take the Redskins

Packers(GreenBay) @ Rams(StLouis)
-6.5 packers, 95% Pack, Take packers

Bears(Chicago) @ Seahawks(Seattle)
Bears -2, 97% take Bears, Take Bears, hasselbeck likely out

Saints(NewOrleans) @ Bills(Buffalo)
Saints -6, 90% Saints, Take the Saints

Dolphins(Miami) @ Chargers(SanDiego)
Dolphins +6, 50/50, Take Dolphins, LT is out, chargers win, dolphins cover

Steelers(Pittsburgh) @ Bengals(Cincinnati)
-3.5 Steelers, 48% steelers, take the STEELERS

Broncos(Denver) @ Raiders(Oakland)
-1.5 Broncos, 55% take broncos, take the raiders

Colts(Indianapolis) @ Cardinals(Arizona)
Colts +2.5, 61% Cardinals, take the cardinals

Panthers(Carolina) @ Cowboys(Dallas)
+8.5 Carolina, 71% Carolina, in an upset, take the cowboys

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Saigon on Eli Manning, Atlantic, and Warning Shots

BROOKLYN IN DA HOUSE, Saigon exclusive:

Skyzoo on The Parlay

Skyzoo on The Parlay! Peep:

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Parlay Picks for the Week

Don't get caught like Tony assed-out in da box! Listen to The Parlay and get that DOUGH. This week's picks:

Texans(Houston) +6.5 at Titans(Tennessee) (94% of Vegas take Titans) - Take TITANS. Their defense is nasty and the Texans looked learning disabled against Rex Ryan's Taco Bell led squad. The Titans don't have many "gamebreakers" on defense, but a very solid unit and everyone contributes. The defensive line really shoots gaps well and their secondary is great. The Texans will improve on last week's performance. They have to... But, the offensive line isn't getting the job done. I feel safe with the titans at home -6.5, but the Texans will play better. Rex Ryan had Houston confused.

Patriots(NewEngland) -3.5 @ Jets(NewYork) (87% of Vegas take NE) - UPSET, we take the Jets. Killer D, Dirty Sanchez, a guy named Chansi, what more could you ask for? The Jets have a better running game, at home, jarrod mayo injured, etc. The Patriots lost too much on defense this offseason and the Seymour trade hurts. He's already paying dividends in Oakland. Sanchez has a big challenge, but the Jets will use the run to set up the pass. I like that the Jets ran a lot of draws, screens, etc to take the heat off Sanchez and the line.

Bengals(Cincinnati) +9.0 @ Packers(GreenBay) (89% take Pack) - Packers. Tough call. 9 points is a lot and the Bengals have a "potentially" good defense. They didn't produce last week, but the broncos secondary is tough with champ bailey/brian dawkins. The Packers underachieved last week too, but that defense had its hair on fire. Aaron Rodgers will get this offense on track. I'd take the Packers up to -10.

Vikings(Minnesota) -9.5 @ Lions(Detroit) (94% take vikings) - Vikings. We gambled and took the lions last week against a bad New Orleans defense, but we failed to realize the Lions had the only defense in the NFL that was worse. Definitely a lack of oversight. I'm confident the Vikings win this game; the lions couldn't stop mike bell, they wont stop adrian peterson. Don't expect much from Favre, he has trouble taking his drops and honestly looks like he should have a walker. Take the Vikes. Has anyone wondered why these guys didn't just wait for Jeff Garcia to get cut and snag him? He's gotta be better than the Wrangler model.

Panthers(Carolina) +6 @ Falcons(Atlanta) (85% take falcons) - Take the Panthers. We think the Falcons win, but Panthers cover. Vegas knows Carolina's game last week was an abberation; Jake Delhomme's bad, but he's not Rex Grossman/Alex Smith/Shane Matthews bad. This is a value line, take Carolina late in the week. People will continue to back the Falcons.

Rams(St Louis) +9.5 @ Redskins(Washington) (79% take skins) - The Rams will cover. Washington will win this game and be in control, but the offense is communist. They allot a certain amount of points to each game and Zorn makes sure not to go over that number under any circumstances. They lost last year to St. Louis and they always let teams hang around. Wait till late in the week, should be able to get 10.5. Bodog already giving 10.

Cardinals(Arizona) +3 @ Jaguars(Jacksonville) (61% take cardinals) - Cardinals. This was a close call. We took Arizona because they shut down the SF running attack last week. Even without Anquan Boldin, the Cardinals have weapons. Its just a matter of whether Kurt Warner realizes that and decides to throw to someone besides Tim Hightower aka Steve Harvey's Love Child.

Raiders(Oakland) +3 @ Chiefs(KansasCity) (73% take raiders) - Take the raiders early in the week, this line will go down. Seymour and the raiders got this. Raf says, KC is good, but Cassell may not play. Bottom line is that the raiders can run the ball and play defense. When you can do that, you can beat anyone, so take the points. Asomugauguahaughgclickclackboom is questionable, but should play. As long as he plays, take the raiders, that guy can cover 90% of the NFL with one leg.

Seahawks(Seattle) +1.5 @ 49ers(SanFrancisco) (72% take hawks) - Niners. The Seahawks turned the ball over 3 out of first 4 possessions last week and the Rams bailed them out. Niners will take advantage. I like what Singletary is doing in SF, its all about turning that bougey wine culture clubhouse around and makin' it more hyphy like the other side of the Bay. Drink that shit Francis Gore, get hyphy son. They shut down the Cardinals, they can do it to the hawks.

Buccaneers(TampaBay) +5 @ Bills(Buffalo)(83% take bills) - Bills. I shot Leoooodddiiiissss, but I did not shoot the deputy!

Browns(Cleveland) +3 @ Broncos(Denver)(60% broncos) - Don't bet this game, don't watch this game, don't think about this game. Go directly to and do something with your life. Then go to and buy some kanye fishstick tees.

Steelers(Pittsburgh) -3 @ Bears(Chicago) (97% steelers)- Steelers. Polamalu and Urlacher are both out, we call that a wash, but the Steelers have more depth on defense. That offensive line can't create running lanes, but they should have a better time against the Bears Cover-2 type scheme running the ball. They do a good job protecting Big Ben, he just loves hanging onto the ball. Cutler and his WRs are all out of sync. They'll hit some big plays, but won't be able to move the chains. They have to play defense and bank on explosive offense. Think of them as the squirters of the NFL a la cytherea. You never know when the shower is coming, but just pray its on the way and get the goggles ready.

Ravens(Baltimore) +3 @ Chargers(SanDiego) (86% ravens) - Take the Ravens. Norv Turner is the worst leader this side of Kim Jong Ill and almost singlehandedly lost to the Raiders.

Giants(NewYork) +3 @ Cowboys(Dallas) (65% giants) - Game of the week. Take the Cowboys. Eli was impressive last week. Ware and Nicks are out, the other offensive weapons looked alright last week. But this year is about Eli making the rest of his teammates better and he looks up to the task. He picked apart a strong Skins secondary and will have an even easier time against Terrence Newman and Bums. That said, we take the cowboys. Their offense is hitting on all cylinders, they can move the chains, they also have explosive playmakers, and they have a lot of depth. I feel their defense will struggle against the Giants, but division home game at Jerry's Taj Mahal? Take the boys. NFC East is about taking care of business at home and beating teams you should. You're not going undefeated.

Colts(Indianapolis) -3 @ Dolphins(Miami) (96% colts) - Take Miami. Peyton is doing his best to carry the team, but the defense can't stop the run, he has no 2nd receiver to count on, and they can't run the ball. The Dolphins should have an offensive wrinkle to unleash here in week 2. They had a tough matchup with Atlanta last week, but I think they run the ball and take care of business against Indy.

New Orleans -1.5 @ Philadelphia - (86% saints) - Saints. I go with the majority here. Kolb has a career passer rating floating in the 60s and he's never impressed when given snaps. I think the Special Olympics style Saints defense will give up enough points to make it a nailbiter, but the Eagles defense can't stone the Saints offense, especially now that it has running balance with Mike Bell.

So far we are 10-6 on the year....

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mac Lethal Listens to the Parlay

Homie, you must've heard our segment last week! Jim Jones Couture gots to go!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Things that need to be up and out the hood...As well as things the hood should try

Things that need to be up and out as well as Things the hood needs to try

download here:

Monday, September 14, 2009

Parlay goes 9-5 against the spread!!!

If you listened to the show, then you made BIG MONEY.

We Gave You... against the spread: Michigan (College), Atlanta Falcons, Baltimore Ravens, Philadelphia Eagles, Minnesota Vikings, Jacksonville Jaguars, Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins, and Green Bay.

We Missed: Tennessee, NY Jets, NO Saints, SF Niners (though we did tell listeners on the show that late in the season, we would take the niners, who knew they'd turn it around so fast, nice work Mike Singeltary!), Seattle Seahawks

Monday Night we like the Patriots -11 and Chargers -10. I really want to take the raiders in an upset at home monday night. NFC West Monday Night games are always helter skelter so I take the points, but the Raiders run defense is horrible and I think LT's gonna go for 120+ yards.

Redskins Week 1: Snyder was right... Can we still trade for Sanchez? What about Rex Ryan?

The Redskins lost this game in the first half and it came down to 3 plays. Giants opening drive, Manning was dissecting the Redskins D. Going into the game, the skins were supposed to have the big advantage with their secondary against New York's young receivers, but Manning put in work!!! 1st, 2nd, 3rd down it didn't matter, he was putting it on the numbers every time. BUT, give the skins defense credit, like we've been used to the last 5 years, when in the red zone, the skins clamp down and limit teams to field goals.

After the opposing team comes with a long offensive drive, your guys need to answer with a long one and early on, it looked like that was going to happen. Portis rolled off a huge 20-yard plus run. Zorn actually made a crafty call on a reverse pass to Randle El, which I liked, but the sack is all on Randle El. The read was to Moss, he was covered, THROW THE BALL AWAY. That sack took us out of field goal range and killed the drive. That's Big Mistake 1.

Giants come back...77 yard drive. But this time, we get a HUGE stop 4th and 1, Fat Albert (Haynesworth) blows up the interior, skins ball. We played it ultra conservative with 3 runs, you knew we were going to punt on downs, but COME ON, either first or 2nd down need to be play action. You're not going to beat a good team like the giants just punting and playing defense. They were driving on us, if we were going to get in this game, we had to be more aggressive. It was bad play calling, but a lot of coaches do the same thing, I wouldn't bury Zorn over it...

Giants 3rd drive of the game, we have them stopped for either a long field goal try or a punt, but Fred Smoot, who's usually good in the open field, whiffs on manningham, Deangelo Hall seemingly intentionally misses, TD Giants. That's on the Secondary. You need to make those tackles. If someone was going to beat you on that team, its Jacobs, don't let MANNINGHAM scoot into the end zone on a quick pass.

Then comes Big Mistake #2.... Santana "Scooby Doo" Moss, WHERE THE FUCK WERE YOU SUNDAY? It doesn't take 4 hours to get rows braided, your ass could have at LEAST showed up for a quarter. The highlight of your day was getting snuffed by Webster. Campbell had us rolling on our 3rd drive of the game, and to be honest, it was the first opportunity he had. Randle El buried us, Zorn played it safe, the first time Campbell really had a series to work with was the 3rd one and it looked good. Until he rolled out and Santana decided to stop on the route and let Webster get inside position. Webster made an AMAZING play on the ball, props to him, and he basically showed moss how to run the route, tap the feet, and get a first down, too bad it was going the other way. This one's not on Campbell, it was a good pass right down the sideline.

Big Mistake #3, this is on Campbell. Our offensive line had a great day. They opened a huge hole for Clinton on the first snap, they did a good job protecting Jason. Really, the rushing numbers were down cause of attempts, there were holes. Against the Giants, you're really expecting a bunch of 2 and 3 yard runs, and a couple big ones. Because we were behind the whole game, we never got enough attempts to reel off bigger gains. The fumble by Campbell was all on Campbell. Samuels did a great job forcing Osi to the outside and around, but Campbell is supposed to step up in the pocket after that 5th step at the latest. He just stood there like he was the second coming of Tony "Butterfingers" Banks, fumbled the ball, 6 points the other way. And there you have it folks, that's how the East was won.

Good game: Giants... Eli Manning, great game with a bunch of no name bum receivers. Props to Manningham for breaking the game open singlehandedly. Osi, you got lucky homeboy. Campbell gift wrapped that one.

Goats: Santana Moss, Stephon Heyer (after the deangelo hall interception, your dumbass missed an assignment on Tuck with the zone run play), Deangelo Hall (you whiffed more ass than a poodle), Giants Special Teams (you let hunter smith score), Brandon Jacobs (you got body slammed by laron landry, fat albert crushed you 4th and 1, your fantasy owners hate you)

Weekly Campbell Watch: This is going to be a weekly thing. Everyone is watching Campbell and I say he gets a pass this week. He really didn't even have a shot at running the offense until the game was already almost over. Look, a great quarterback would have looked at that 10 spot and said "I got this". Campbell looked at it and said "Can I Live?" BUT, baby steps. What we need from Campbell is some fire. If Moss isn't going to comeback on his route, Campbell needs to get in his ear. People need to be accountable, they need to fight the coverage and get open. Randle El did it all day reading zones, beating man, so did Cooley who's always on point. But, as a quarterback, Campbell needs to be a leader. Physically, reading defenses, I see no problem with campbell, but he needs to hold his teammates accountable and take some shots. Zorn's also not doing him any favors calling the games close to the vest. OPEN IT UP, he's ready!